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About OEM

OBenefits of OEM

Benefits of OEM

Product makers without factories (fabrication free) are becoming very popular.
If they want to create a brand new product, startup capital for manufacturing facilities can be a challenge. Plus, it's risky.

So they rely on existing makers and have their own products manufactured as an OEM product.
This process is in demand, and it's not likely to change in the future.

Our company, as an OEM, can produce anything from automobile engine oil to general lubricating oil.

Leave it all to us, even your package design.
Short lot production is our company's number one specialty.

The Process up to Brand Establishment

1. Consultation

We ask about the demands of the end user.

From detailed to not-so-detailed plans, we want to learn about your company's image.

We'll create a strategy that aligns with your goals and company image, then offer a proposal for your product.

2. Product Proposal

Starting with a lot size that matches your budget, we'll carry out a product design in line with your target.

You can tell us what you'd like to see in your package design.

3. Estimate

We'll offer you an estimate that fits your requests.

4. Sample Product

Our company will create a sample of your product.

5. Contract

Once we agree upon product specifications, lot size, date of delivery, and budget, we’ll enter into contract.

6. Manufacturing and Inspection

We'll create a product designed to please consumers.

We establish a quality product with high inspection standards for your peace of mind.

7. Product Delivery

Your product will be delivered to you within the promised time.