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We have been designated as a certified workplace through the 'Eco Action 21' certification system based on environmental management system and environmental report guidelines provided by the Ministry of the Environment.
The Spirit of Sakura Seiyusho The Spirit of Sakura Seiyusho

By creating more than consuming, we will discover happiness as people, and will continually

endeavor to connect to others through manufacturing.

Harmonizing with nature, the company, and human beings,

we create a community of people in support of one another bound by a common destiny.

Keeping the company's contribution to society in mind, we employ without a retirement age

and are constantly searching for what we can do for Sakura Seiyusho, what will be good for the earth,

and lead us to a better future while endeavoring to manage CSR and our enterprise with social responsibility.

From packaging to production
engine oil

What are Sakura Seiyusho's OEM services?

OEM is a marketing assistance service for our clients under which we conduct research & development and market general lubricating oil, such as engine and trans oil, under our client's brand.

Fabless, or factory-free production is becoming very popular. To own a factory, producers have to accumulate technology and sizable capital for facilities. To save on such labor, fabless product makers are now looking toward OEMs.

Take advantage of engine and lubricating oil featuring worry-free product quality and no need for technology or capital investment with Sakura Seiyusho's OEM services.

OEM services aren't just for engine oil.

Our OEM services don't just take on engine oil. Ask us about other kinds of general lubricating oil including lubricants like trans oil, too.Give us a call before you give up on a job that seems impossible!

International Engine Oil Standard 'API'

API Standard is the generic name for the oil specifications set forth by the American Petroleum Institute that determine general engine oil grading.

Our engine oil has passed the API standards for engine oil.

Oil for engines bears the importance of being called the lifeblood of the automobile. It maintains cleanliness within the engine, protects the engine from wear, and ensures the engine's maximum performance.

We also believe it's no exaggeration to say that energy conservation starts with a quality engine oil.

Engine oil that's safe and gentle on the environment.

We are conducting continued research on our engine oil under our motto, " Safe and gentle on the environment."

We deliver high-quality, environmentally friendly engine oil to happy consumers.

80 years of history in Osaka - "Peace of mind and foresight"

Sakura Seiyusho will have been making engine oil for 80 years in 2016. For this, we are grateful to everyone for their continued support.

We will of course continue to deliver peace of mind with our experience and performance, and pursue daily the creation of plans that utilize upcoming technology.

We can't wait to talk to you about our OEM services for lubricating, transmission, and engine oil - not just in Osaka, but anywhere in the country.

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